Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks is a former Counter-Strike Global Offensive professional player who retired to pursue a professional esports career in Valorant. To date, he has participated in several Valorant tournaments as a member of the British team, Fish123, and has won most of the events. Most recently, ardiis claimed victory at the Twitch Rivals Showdown.

With major esports organizations filling up their rosters for professional tournaments, the Valorant competitive scene is quickly gaining momentum. Subsequently, on June 14, Fish123 confirmed that ardiis has left the team and wished him luck with his new team. He will reportedly sign for G2 Esports as a part of their new Valorant roster.

Amidst all this, the 22-year-old Latvian finds himself encompassed by controversy. The pro player was accused of showing intent to cheat and match fix.

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Ardiis accused of cheating and match-fixing in Valorant and CS: GO

Recently, Anti Cheat Police Department posted a report on Twitter. Apparently, a cheat developer contacted the author of the report and made some disturbing claims about the player. First of all, the report alleges that ardiis approached the cheat developer to provide him with a private cheat for Valorant and also engaged in match-fixing conversations with other teammates.

The report then sheds light on ardiis talking about throwing games depending on the odds of betting websites. Furthermore, the cheat developer confided to the author that the player used radar hacks in CS: GO for specific tournaments featuring on betting sites. Ardiis finds his past, as well as his remarkably successful Valorant run with Fish123, questioned in the report. The author detailed the allegations and also provided evidence in the form of two videos.

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Ardiis responds to the accusations

A day later, the 22-year-old Latvian player addressed the claims via a Twitter post. He provided a comprehensive statement and said, “Firstly, I would like to clarify that I have never, nor will I ever, cheat or match fix in a game.

Ardiis labelled the accusations false and pointed out that the evidence does not provide any proof of his alleged wrongdoings. However, he admitted to engaging in conversations about potential match-fixing during his CS: GO career. Due to financial hardships affecting his mental health, he had agreed for a demonstration of how the whole process works.

Ultimately, he reiterated that he has never match fixed or cheated in CS: GO or Valorant and his actions don’t make him proud. He is willing to co-operate with Valve and Riot to validate his innocence if required. Ardiis confessed to showing intent for match-fixing or cheating. Whether or not that makes him guilty or innocent is up for debate.